On-The-Spot with Dave Ramsey's TOP 10 Questions for Realtors (Part 1)

I'm a big Dave Ramsey fan. I have met him several times and he is a friendly, high-octane guy. He's one of the guys I like to chase. He always delivers a healthy, one/two punch  of common-sense-driven advice on personal finance and real estate. A while back Dave published an article titled: "10 Things To Ask A Real Estate Agent." It's a great article, and, today, I'm answering those 10 questions for you. Buckle up folks, we're On-The-Spot with Dave Ramsey's Top 10 for Realtors. (Part 1)

1. What makes you different? Why should I list my home with you? 

Wow. This is what I like about Dave--he comes out swinging. This is the $64,000 question, and here's my answer...

It's all about WHY I do what I do; not necessarily HOW. The answer to the HOW question is critical, but that is answered in other questions below. To start, we have to look at WHY I'm here, WHY am I a Realtor, and how does my story and conviction trickle down into being great at what I do. 

Martin Luther said you know the cobbler (shoe-maker) in the town is a Christian NOT because he puts little crosses on the heels of his shoes, but because he's making the best shoes. He's totally crushing it. Everyone in town trusts him with their shoes, not because he's a christian, but because he has an underlying conviction to steward his time, and work, in such a way that goes beyond "personal" conviction and into a spiritual responsibility. The Christian's life is one of really, really hard work. The best work. The most ethical work. And, the work of a Realtor is to serve his/her clients. That's why I do what I do: because I want to serve my God, by serving you. History shows, I'm really good at what I do--not a brag, just a reality. I have methods (details answered in other questions) that work to help market, and sell your home. My beliefs demand a level of expertise and work ethic--and it sells homes. 

I apologize for the long answer--though, not really--but there is one more thing to say that I think is really important. A friend of mine asked me, after watching my About Me video, if I thought only Christians will want to work with me. Answer: I really hope not. The question I have to ask myself every day is whether or not I am the type of Realtor I would recommend ANY of my friends to for an introductory conversation. My desire is to provide the background for you, not a standard. If Jesus was a Realtor, who would he be sitting down with....people of different race, culture, beliefs, etc....and what would he be doing? Serving them, with love. Boom. That's WHY I'm here.

2. What is your company's track record and reputation in the market place?

RealtyTrust Residential, in my opinion, is the premier brokerage in Middle Tennessee when it comes to serving our clients with a particular level of market expertise, and executing real estate transactions with finesse and trustworthiness. The primary reason I chose to affiliate with RealtyTrust is the quality of professionalism. The people I wanted to work with, and learn from, and CHASE, are there. I am there, because it is THE brokerage I would use--and have used. 

3. What are your marketing plans for my home?

First, I will make recommendations for making the home more marketable (paint colors, landscaping, staging, painting, etc). This goes a LONG way. If you aren't willing to make your home presentable, I really don't want to be your Realtor. We don't have to spend a lot of money, but we do need to make practical steps to increase the marketability of your home. We are looking for the absolute best sales price for your home; and a few small changes on the front-end can have a big pay-off on the back-end.

Second, I bring in my photographer. I use only the best media in marketing your home. We have ONE SHOT at a first impression to potential Buyers, and that one shot is the Thumbnail Image amidst thousands of others online. The pictures have to be stunning. Then, I set up the Virtual Tour AND marketing video for your home. This is the primary media I use in the social media campaign to tell a story around your home. 

When we officially list your home on the market I syndicate (push) the listing out to over 80 other websites, including: Zillow, Trulia, Movoto, Homes.com, Realtor.com, etc. Everywhere people are looking for homes your home will be listed. I annotate each photo to paint a picture for potential buyers. When we sit down to discuss listing your home I will show you examples of past listings. 

Then, it's time to schedule an Open House. The primary avenue I market for Open Houses is via the social-media campaign using our professionally-crafted marketing video. I get this out to my network, other brokerages, local HOAs, etc. Open Houses should be fun, relaxing events for people to come and enjoy the show. If you have a boring Realtor, be prepared for a boring Open House. Music,  hors d'oeuvres, laughing, touring...the best thing a Realtor can do for you at an Open House is to make it fun for the guests. A home filled with laughter and friendship is a home people will want to come back to.

4. What has your company sold in my area? 

RealtyTrust Residential, though based in Brentwood, serves all of Middle Tennessee. To be honest, if your home is in a place I've never been to I'll be referring you to one of our agents who totally kills it in that market. Let's sit and talk about your area, then go from there.

5. Does your broker control your advertising or do you?

I do all of my own marketing/advertising. It is important each Realtor build their unique methods of advertising, as some will appeal to particular Sellers, where others will not. This allows each Realtor to build their own success the way THEY want to. With that said, there is a reason why I'm asked to coach other professionals in how to successfully deploy e-mail marketing, social-media and neighborhood campaigns :)

Thanks for reading this first installment of "On-The-Spot with Dave Ramsey's TOP 10 for Realtors. Part 2 coming next week!