Why I'm Running for The Board of Directors at WCAR

  • In short, who are you? I’m Charlie, 31. My wife Tonya and I are originally from East Texas, but we have now been in Williamson County for 7 years.  Upon graduating from the University of Texas system with a degree in Communication, my college sweetheart--now wife--and I got married, and I spent the next 5 years working for an IBM Partner selling business analytics software solutions. My favorite authors are Soren Kierkegaard, NT Wright, JRR Tolkien, and, recently, Baldesar Castiglione. We worship at The Village Chapel (Nashville).

  • How long have you been in real estate? In October it will be 3 years full-time, and I did a year part-time before that. Another way to answer the question is by transactional experience: I have done just over 30 transactions thus far in 2017, and am on track to do 45 for the year--hitting my 100th transaction of my career slated for this November/ December.

  • Do you have a specialty? For Sellers, I specifically care for my own community--Falcon Creek--where I have lived for 7 years, and served on the HOA Board. For Buyers, I have spent the past 2 years developing and executing strategies for navigating multiple offer situations, and have seen tremendous success for my clients. I recently began teaching classes on implementing these strategies.

  • Any other involvement in real estate? I am a Contributing Editor for INMAN NEWS, a leading publisher in real estate technology, marketing and journalism. My articles “For Sale By Millennial”, “Tuning Out The Noise On Social” and “Dueling Perspectives: Should You Join A Real Estate Team?” have been read and shared by thousands of readers nationwide.

  • How about involvement in WCAR? I have been a member since I earned my real estate license, and served 2 years on the Membership Services Committee before taking this last year off when our second son, Fitz, was born. In addition, I was the 2015 WCAR Rookie of The Year for my inaugural sales achievements and national publications on industry trends. 

Okay, now that you know me a bit, let’s get to the $64,000 question…

  • Why do you want to serve on the Board? Since earning my license I have felt what many of you already feel: an acute dissatisfaction with the quality of care and professionalism in our industry. From agency rules and advertising, to technology and operations: real estate is consistently behind the curve for what is truly best for the consumer AND for the REALTORS who serve them. I want to be a driving force to bring the highest value to the consumer by pushing the value of the REALTOR name and services higher. I believe I can do that here and now on my local board. 

  • So, what’s next? In addition to running for Board, I am writing two courses for TREC: Intro to Real Estate Marketing, and Real Estate Entrepreneurship. I am sitting for my Broker’s license this November, and have applied for a committee position at the state level.  

  • Anything else? Wow, you made it to the end of this article--thank you! If you are a member of WCAR I would greatly appreciate your vote, which you can cast on the WCAR website. If you need to retrieve your NRDS ID for voting you can find it here