Episode #1: "First Impressions"

Episode #1. Boom. I am super excited to launch this new series and I hope you'll check out my new video each week. 

To start the series, I wanted to break down the nuts and bolts of what moves a Buyer through a chain of events toward purchasing a home--YOUR home. If you are the Seller, when will a Buyer first experience the property, and what happens next? What/When is the first impression? Why are Showings our main focus to start, and not Offers? And if "runs" are what win baseball games-- not necessarily "Homeruns"-- then how do we get people on first-base...and what the heck does that have to do with real estate!? Everything, actually.

Welcome to the CharlieKnowsVLOG, a project of www.CharlieKnowsHomes.com.  

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